Juniper MPC5E-100G10G MPC 2x100GE + 4x10GE MP Expansion Module for MX240 MX480 MX960


Brand: Juniper Networks MPN: MPC5E‑100G10G Condition: REF Availability: ● In Stock


Juniper Networks MPC5E-100G10G – Expansion module – 100 Gigabit Ethernet x 2 + 10Gb Ethernet x 4 – for MX Series Enhanced Modular Port Concentrator, Modular Port Concentrator; MX-series MX240


Juniper MPC5E-100G10G Expansion ModuleJuniper Networks MPC5E-100G10G Expansion Module has two100 Gigabit Ethernet and four 10Gb Ethernet ports. It is compatible with Juniper Networks MX Series Enhanced Modular Port Concentrator, Juniper Networks MX Series Modular Port Concentrator.

Includes full scale L2/L2.5, reduced scale L3 features, up to 2M routes in the FIB, up to 6M routes in theRIB, and up to 32 L3VPN instances per card.