High Performance Enterprise Data Center Switch PRODUCT OVERVIEW The Aruba CX 9300 Switch Series is a next-generation 25.6Tbps, 1U fixed configuration switch supporting 32-ports of 100GbE, 200GbE or 400GbE*. The switch is an ideal solution for flexible, cost-effective, high-density 400GbE networking for server, storage, and intra-fabric connectivity. This solution helps protect enterprises investment as they transition server farms from 10GbE and 10GbE/25GbE to 100GbE/400GbE EVPN-VXLAN leaf and/or spine configurations at reduced power and a smaller footprint. The Aruba CX 9300 Switch Series supports large Data Center PODS of up to 6,000 x 25GbE servers or up to 2,000 x 100GbE servers. This is an 8x jump in scaling/density over current Aruba CX 8325-32C which scales to 700 x 25GbE servers. Aruba CX 9300 Switch Series can be used as a 100GbE Leaf or 100GbE/400GbE Spine switch (128 x 100GbE or 64 x 200GbE ports using breakouts). When deployed as a Spine, the Aruba CX 9300 Switch Series flexibility connects to a range of leaf switches including Aruba CX 8325 switch series, Aruba CX 8360 switch series, or Aruba CX 10000 switch series. With Aruba’s most recent AOS-CX release, the CX 9300-32D and CX 8325 switches provides an ideal solution for data center, cloud and storage use cases that support top-of-rack server/storage connectivity and scale-out leaf-spine fabric topologies. These innovative AOS-CX enhancements provide storage-optimization to ensure low-latency and “lossless” network QoS and connectivity characteristics that storage requires. PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATORS AOS-CX - a modern software system The Aruba CX 9300 Switch Series is based on AOS-CX, a modern, database-driven operating system that automates and simplifies many critical and complex network tasks. A built-in time series database enables customers and developers to utilize software scripts for historical troubleshooting, as well as analysis of past trends. This helps predict and avoid future problems due to scale, security, and performance bottlenecks. The AOS-CX software also includes Aruba Network Analytics Engine (NAE) and support for Aruba NetEdit. Because AOSCX is built on a modular Linux architecture with a stateful database, our operating system provides the following unique capabilities: • Easy access to all network state information allows unique visibility and analytics • REST APIs and Python scripting for fine-grained programmability of network tasks • A micro-services architecture that enables full integration with other workflow systems and services • Continual state synchronization that provides superior KEY FEATURES • High performance 25.6Tbps with 5Bpps • High Density 32 x 400GbE connectivity in 1RU form factor • High availability with industry-leading VSX redundancy, and redundant power supplies and fans • Designed for Spine, Core/Aggregation, Top of Rack or Leaf, or End of Row in the data center • AOS-CX automation and programmability using builtin REST APIs and Python scripts • Advanced Layer 2/3 feature set includes BGP, OSPF, VRF-Lite, and IPv6 • Dynamic VXLAN with BGP-EVPN for deep segmentation in data center and campus networks • Intelligent monitoring, visibility, and remediation with Aruba Network Analytics Engine • HPE Storage Networking Optimized • Aruba NetEdit support for automated configuration and verification * 25GbE or 50GbE split-out feature to be enabled in a future software releaseDATA SHEET ARUBA CX 9300 SWITCH SERIES 2 fault tolerance and high availability • Supports Aruba Fabric Composer - a software-defined orchestration solution that simplifies and accelerates leaf-spine network provisioning and day-to-day operations across rack-scale compute and storage infrastructure. • All software processes communicate with the database rather than each other, ensuring near real-time state and resiliency and allowing individual software modules to be independently upgraded for higher availability Aruba Central - unified single pane of glass management Flexible cloud-based or on-premises management for unified network operations of wired, WLAN, SD-WAN, and public cloud infrastructure. Designed to simplify day zero through day two operations with streamlined workflows. Switch management capabilities include configuration, onboarding, monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting. DHCP on any single VLAN and connection to Central without any password enable smooth onboarding.  Aruba Central provides Rest API patch support for incremental updates in configuration. Multiple switch softwares can also be updated in a site by a single download. Aruba Network Analytics Engine For enhanced visibility and troubleshooting, Aruba’s Network Analytics Engine (NAE) automatically interrogates and analyzes events that can impact a networks health. Advanced telemetry and automation provide the ability to easily identify and troubleshoot network, system, application and security related issues easily, through the use of python agents, CLIbased agents and REST APIs. The Time Series Database (TSDB) stores configuration and operational state data, making it available to quickly resolve network issues. The data may also be used to analyze trends, identify anomalies and predict future capacity requirements. Aruba NetEdit – automated switch configuration and management The entire Aruba CX portfolio empowers IT teams to orchestrate multiple switch configuration changes for smooth end-to-end service rollouts. Aruba NetEdit introduces automation that allows for rapid network-wide changes, and ensures policy conformance post network updates. Intelligent capabilities include search, edit, validation (including conformance checking), deployment and audit features. Capabilities include: • Centralized configuration with validation for consistency and compliance. • Time savings via simultaneous viewing and editing of multiple configurations. • Customized validation tests for corporate compliance and network design. • Automated large-scale configuration deployment without programming. • Network health and topology visibility via Aruba NAE integration. Note: A separate software license is required to use Aruba NetEdit. HPE Ethernet Storage Fabric Optimized Aruba CX 9300 provides an ideal solution for data center, cloud and storage use cases that support top-of-rack server and storage connectivity and scale-out leaf-spine fabrics. AOS-CX adds storage-optimization enhancements to ensure the low-latency, lossless network QoS and connectivity characteristics that storage requires. Aruba Virtual Switching Extension The ability of AOS-CX to maintain synchronous state across dual control planes allows a unique high availability solution called Aruba Virtual Switching Extension (VSX). VSX is delivered through redundancy gained by deploying two chassis with an inter-switch link, with each chassis maintaining its independent control. Designed using the best features of existing HA technologies such as Multi-chassis Link Aggregation (MC-LAG) and Virtual Switching Framework (VSF), Aruba VSX enables a distributed architecture that is highly available during upgrades or control plane events. Features include: • Continuous configuration synchronization via AOS-CX • Flexible active-active network designs at Layers 2 and 3 • Operational simplicity and usability for easy configuration • High availability by design during upgrades including support for VSX Live Upgrade with LACP traffic draining. PRODUCT CAPABILITIES Performance High-speed fully distributed architecture • Provides 25.6Tbps for bidirectional switching and 5Bpps for forwarding. All switching and routing are wire-speed to meet the demands of bandwidth-intensive applications today and in the future Scalable system design