Open Box Cisco CTS-SX80-IP60-K9 SmartNet Eligible 1 IP60 Cameras, Touchscreen, CTS-SX20

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    The Cisco SX80 Codec (SX80 Codec) provides a powerful and flexible platform for creating the ultimate video collaboration experience. The SX80 Codec was built with the integrator in mind, enabling flexibility and creativity for customized video collaboration rooms that delight the customer. The SX80 acts as the audio and video engine to incorporate high-definition video collaboration applications into large meeting rooms, boardrooms and purpose-built or vertical application rooms.


The SX80 delivers up to a 1080p60 end-to-end High Definition (HD) video and offers industry-first support for H.265, which lays the foundation for future bandwidth efficiencies made possible by the new standard. The codec offers a rich input and output set, flexible media engine and support for three screens enable a variety of use cases, adaptable to your specific needs. The SX80 can register on the premises or to Cisco Webex in the cloud.


The SX80 Codec also supports several sophisticated camera features to enable intelligent viewing capabilities within a video conference:

●   Cisco SpeakerTrack 60 dual camera system – features a unique direct, fast-switching approach for active speaker tracking with two pan-tilt-zoom cameras

●   Cisco Webex Quad Camera – sophisticated system with four embedded digital cameras that enable best overview and speaker tracking capabilities for deep and large meeting rooms; with Quad Camera, the SX80 can also deliver metrics like people count

●   Cisco PresenterTrack2 – an industry-first feature, supports automatic detection and tracking of the presenter at the front of a video conferencing room, dynamically following the presenter from seated to stand-up position within a defined trigger area so they can move about more freely (requires additional Cisco Precision 60 Camera)


Figure 1.      Cisco SX80 Codec




Cisco offers three SX80 Integrator Packages to reduce the need for external equipment and the overall cost of enabling video in larger meeting rooms:

●   SX80 Codec and Precision 60 Camera for larger room scenarios with the best image quality in the market

●   SX80 Codec and the SpeakerTrack 60 dual camera system

●   SX80 Codec and Quad Camera

With its powerful media engine, the SX80 Codec lets you build the video collaboration room of your dreams.



Figure 2.      Cisco SX80 Integrator Package with Touch 10 and Quad Camera



Feature Summary

Design features

●  One of the most powerful and feature-rich codecs available with the ultimate in video and audio quality
●  The next generation HD video collaboration codec
●  1 Rack Unit (1RU) high, rack-mountable, with rack-mounting solution included
●  Professional-grade connectors
●  Unmatched quality and flexibility
●  Standards-compliant 1080p solution - compatible with standards-based video without losing features

Application features

●  Supports Cisco Intelligent Proximity for content sharing to mobile devices and wireless sharing from Macs and PCs3
●  Supports Switched Conferencing (SVC) for enhanced layouts and enabling video on both screens of dual screen endpoints3
●  Easily control room peripherals such as lights, room dividers, curtains, directly from the Cisco Touch 10 control unit through customizable API(requires external third-party control system processor)
●  Participate in white boarding sessions from Cisco Webex Teams app; receive on-screen notification of shared white board content (supported on cloud-registered devices)
●  1080p30 HD embedded Cisco TelePresence MultiSite with individual transcoding
●  Collaborate with four simultaneous video inputs
●  HD collaboration with 1080p60 video and 1080p30 content
●  Simplified meeting-join experience with One Button to Push (OBTP) for scheduled devices in Cisco Webex meetings, whether registered on-prem or to the cloud
●  Limitless integration possibilities
●  Ideal for team-based collaboration, boardrooms, meeting rooms, and industry applications

Performance features

●  Optimal definition up to 1080p60
●  H.323/SIP up to 10 Mbps point-to-point
●  Up to 10 Mbps total MultiSite bandwidth
●  Ability to connect up to four HD sources and 8 microphones directly to the codec
●  Full duplex audio with high-quality stereo sound
●  Full Application Programming Interface (APIs)
●  Ability to take advantage of Cisco TelePresence Total Solution Management, transcoded HD MultiSite, recording and streaming, and firewall traversal
●  Cisco TelePresence ClearPath packet loss protection technology for optimal experience
●  Cisco Unified Communications Manager native support (requires Cisco Unified Communications Manager version 8.6 or higher)


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